Drink Philly Gallery Opening

Well, hi!

Life’s been busy for the past few weeks.  Some interesting events in my personal life mixed with trying to get ready for my first gallery showing made for some sleepless nights.  Ah, felt like college again.

About the gallery showing.

Some months back I worked in a chocolate shop with a super-awesome fella named Justin.  We both have moved on to different places of employment, but one day I stopped by his new job to pick up a cupcake, didn’t find him there, text him to express my sadness and wound up getting drinks with him and his super-cool friend and business partner, Adam.  These amazing gentlemen had just opened up their office for their company Drink Philly (check out their site! It’s fun, cool, and full of useful information including bar specials throughout the city!!) and wanted to also use the space as a gallery for First Friday.  And from there the first show was born!

A few weeks and a lot of cups of coffee later, I had three new pieces to show.  Sweet.  And can you guess who I showed with?  Millie!! Because I can’t help but rope her into every endeavor I embark on.  No matter how stressful or crazy it may be.

There were three other great artists there and everything was a smashing success with a great turnout.  See for yourself!

And my favorite one.

Millie is on the right, I’m on the left. ❤

I just want to thank all of the fine gentlemen of Drink Philly for being so awesome and making my first showing special.  It has been great working with you and I can’t wait to do so again!

Congratulations on your success, you’ve earned it!

At this moment I don’t have any good photos showcasing the work.  That will have to come later.

See what I’ve also been working on!!  It’s a mask I originally wanted to display in the show but wound up starting over on the painting part.  Meh. It will eventually be some kind of spirit.  It’ll be awesome.

Thanks for reading.  Until next time, dear friends!


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