Bitter Sweets

Ah, three months from my last post.  So much has happened but not all that much to report.  Now, where were we? Oh, yes.

I left off with the grand opening of the Drink Philly Gallery in early August (the painting above is from that show and titled “Boy in the City”).

A few weeks later, August 24th, I showed with the wonderful Megan Coonley, a fabulous painter who also was a part of the Drink Philly opening.  She had a show titled “Melt” which was all about food.  You’d have to be crazy to think I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to paint food.  Plenty of eating happened to spur on my inspiration.  Research.  You know…

After that the wheels started turning on my second show at Drink Philly.  The show was “Bitter Sweets” and featured my dear friends Jeremy Goodfellow, Millie Landis and Linnea Vegh. Oh, yes, me too.  It was a great success, great turnout, wonderful people and loads of fun.  I’d like to thank the gentlemen of Drink Philly once again for being so great and supportive and wish them fantastic success in their future shows.

And pictorial documentation of exactly how great the show was.

Us artists and friends, My work, Millie’s work, Linnea’s work, and a mask I made “The Great Grey Owl”

Keep an eye on my website ( for more work that will be posted. My center pieces were portraits of Florence +the Machine, Ingrid Michaelson and, brace yourselves, Lady Gaga.  They are great.  See what I mean!

I can’t seem to come down from the show, so I’ve still been creating artwork like mad.  I also have a particular liking of making masks. I had one in the show as seen above, and here is the new guy I’m working on. He’s based on crocodiles, because I love reptiles and love making animal-spirit masks even more.  I just baked him in the oven tonight, on to sanding and painting.

Well, I suppose that’s all for now.  Big wheels keep on turnin’.

Stuff is in the works.  Art is being created.  Be prepared.

Until next time, dear reader.


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