What’s this here?

Alright, I swear that I’ll really start keeping on top of posting regularly. Really. Honestly. Swear.

So far this year I’ve really gotten into sketching digitally since I was gifted a wonderful Wacom tablet by my roommate.  I love how forgiving it is to sketch in Photoshop and it’s helped me get a little more familiar with the program. I plan on trying to discipline myself and do a full illustration digitally, as I begrudgingly join the modern world.

These past few months have been a little slow for me creatively, and I haven’t created many serious pieces.  However, I just completed my internship with the fine gentlemen of the wonderful DrinkPhilly, with whom I’ve done 2 gallery shows.  I created this for them, an infographic of sorts depicting some of Philadelphia’s proud drinking history.  Curious? Just take a look!!!!! Really like it? Buy the poster!!!

Here’s some eye candy for you:

Some shows should be happening soon, one being another exhibition at DrinkPhilly in July.  This next month will be a busy one, much to do with my personal life and doing those annoying things like moving -.-

I’ll be hoping for the best and churning out art in the process.

Until next time!



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