I’m all about that bass

Good evening, dear reader.

The more-or-less completed sketch for Stormborn.  I have some other details to work out on the pencil sketch and perhaps a larger canvas to buy, or maybe board.  Who knows at this moment.  I have a goal of submitting to Spectrum this year so I’ll need to hurry up and paint this gal and get something else in the works. Also, do keep your fingers crossed as I’ll be chatting with someone this week about a potential  show.  Think good things or say a prayer to Cthulhu.


I’ve been trying to stay really motivated in growing my business, and sometimes it’s tough to stay positive especially when one’s efforts don’t yield immediate results.  I mean, how dare all persons I thrust a promo card at not immediately email me requesting a portrait of their dog or small child?  Or their dog that fills the role of small child? Or their child that is going through a barking stage? Or werewolf baby?  Are werewolves still a thing?

The point is, it is unreasonable to expect any such response so I’ll keep at it.  Like a dog with a bone.

Until later,



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