Personal Life


Hello, dear reader.

I’m realizing how quickly the weeks have turned into months, and now spring will soon be here!  I’ve been a busy bee in my personal and business life and have been working away for my upcoming show on April 10th at Chapterhouse Coffee House in Philadelphia. I did take a little break from the show pieces to fit in a commission for some very special people.

Here is Sapphire, a beautiful little blonde horse. I’ve been drawing horses since I could hold a pencil and if I could, I’d spend my days drawing them.  This portrait was my first horse commission and I think she turned out quite nicely.


Here’s just a little glimpse of one of the little pieces I’ve been working on. There’s going to be a lot of fun animals at the show, so I hope y’all can make it.

run rabbit preview

Winter is Coming.


It’s been awhile, friends.

Before I get into my ramblings about my personal life, I’d like to announce that April 10th, 2015 I’ll be having a show at Chapterhouse Coffee House!  I’ve been plugging away painting, and here’s what I’ve got so far.


photo 2 copy photo 1 copyphoto 3 photo 4 photo 5


photophoto 2 photo 1

I’m figuring out a new way to work, I don’t have the same perspective I did five years ago and the same images and styles don’t appeal so much to me any more. I’m really feeling Medieval tapestries and Renaissance era paintings. Let’s see how things go.

A long note on my personal life.

So, this year’s been…interesting. Today marks exactly one year since Tim and I became homeowners and these twelve months have been full of ups and downs, for sure.  Looking back, I wouldn’t really change anything. This is one of the biggest gambles I’ve ever taken and I did it with my best friend. Even though we’ve been living like hobos squatting in an abandoned hovel, we haven’t even tried to kill each other. I think that bodes well for our relationship.

In case you happen to not be one of our friends I’ve been incessantly complaining to about the condition of our house, this is a recap of what’s happened this past year.

November 2013 – move in, rip up cat hair covered carpets to reveal unusable floors beneath. Leave floors unfinished due to lack of immediate funds.  Also notice cockroaches turning up dead in basement. Cry softly inside.

-December 2013 – Leaky pipe in basement, find excellent plumber who fixes it/informs us that kitchen pipes are freezing because they are in the ground running to the extension that is the kitchen.  Pull up false bottoms in kitchen cabinets run space heater/hair dryer 24/7 into open ground under kitchen in what is the COLDEST FREAKIN’ WINTER in decades. Put all reno plans on hold and divert funds to kitchen. Cry audibly.

January 2014 – Happy New Year. Come home to find that a pipe has burst and there is 5 inches of water at one end of basement.  Water has created a cocktail of ancient dust and hundreds of dead cockroaches.  Put on pink rain boots and rage shopvac the mess. Develop theory that the house is cursed and that the Devil himself has engineered this specific Hell just for me. No crying, lots of inner screaming.

February-March 2014- Endure the worst winter in recent record with an ungodly number of substantial snow storms and subzero temperatures. Continue saving our pennies for renovation.

Spring 2014- Numerous random leaky pipes that need repairing.  Also, more cockroaches in the basement and creeping upstairs. Get exterminator. Feel slightly less icky but even more poor.

June 2014- A rat made its way into our house by getting under the kitchen and hopping up through crappy kitchen cabinets.  Suffer mental break after rat continues squeaking from inside cabinet hours later. Fortify house with chicken wire, rat poison, snaptraps and dark magic. Strongly consider napalm, flamethrower and pulse rifle, but decide against it after rat is killed on snap trap baited with Nutella. Laugh manically.

-July 2014-Present- Continue saving best we can and try to find a contractor to fix up the house before Winteracalpyse 2014.

So, that’s more or less it.  Like I said, it’s been a bumpy ride and Winter is coming, but we’ll make it. I hope.

Do you Kudzu?

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting, it’s good to be back.  I recently wrapped up a commission of a kudzu plant, which my research tells me actually landed in the U.S. at the time of the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.  Being a Philly girl, I found this to be quite neat.


I was really inspired by vintage botanical illustrations for this project, especially the very old ones that seemed to be pulled from illuminated manuscripts. Usually my pieces are very tight and finished, which there are some elements of here, but in the surface prep I left a lot of texture, including brush bristles, in the gesso.  This painting was a bit of a challenge, I didn’t realize how out of practice I am!  Also, it’s been forever since I’ve painted flowers and I didn’t want this to simply be a still life, it needed to have as much energy as a portrait of a person.  There’s always room for improvement, but I’m glad that the good folks who commissioned the piece as well as the recipient are pleased with the result.


Oh, yes, I even framed and wrapped it, because why not?  Also, here is a sketch I’ll be continuing to work on, my goal is to submit it to Spectrum this year.  And then just a warm up doodle next to it.

10372189_753184291047_471292795954297202_n doodle copy

Alright, til next time!



This piece of poetry was meant to do harm

Started school this week.  I’m feeling pretty good about it, a lot of the fears have subsided (perhaps prematurely).  Earl has already helped set me in a good direction of self discovery and I love his first assignment, a self portrait poem and piece.

I suck at poetry.  Well, I can write some well enough, but as far as reading and interpreting…not so much.  As far as I’m concerned, to be good at it you should be able to read it and write it well.  In conclusion I do suck at poetry.  I wrote my self portrait poem yesterday in a diner after a decent amount of research (self reflection and reading of short poems, most about death <3).

I had a weird dream last night about my father and found a poem in my head.  Here it is.

I dreamt I fought
to save my father from wolves
In a forest in autumn.
His limp body
Like a giant infant in the leaves
Logic said to leave him
What father was he anyway?
Still I pulled in vain
The wolves would come anyway.

Now to do sketches.  I’ll be posting once things get underway.

Close your eyes and shoot

I’m trying very hard to get my life back on track, my financial situation is unbelievably bad, and now I’m waiting for my bartending resume to get approved before I’m able to go out and job hunt.

Speaking of getting things back on track, this applies to my art life, too.  I’m finally getting to those “Thank You” cards (OMFG I’M A HORRIBLE PERSON FOR TAKING SO LONG).  Hopefully this project won’t have to be stalled again, I’m running out of key oil colors (like WHITE) and as stated previously, I’m kinda screwed money-wise.  However, here’s a little glimpse of a work in progress of one of the cards. My apologies for the shotty image, I have to use the camera on my laptop to post photos, I find it rather comical.

Enough of this negative hoobabagoo, life is full of blessings.  My landlord finally OKed the replacement of the kitchen cabinets in my house, thanks to some very nice maintenance men advocating on Jeremy and my behalf <3.  My friends make me laugh to the point of hysteria on a daily basis, and I’m finally living life close to the way I want to.  And listening to “Day-O” by Harry Belafonte can make everything bad go away.

Death surrounds her

You know you are a grown up when people you have some kind of connection to come close to death or die (that sounds kind of broad and “everyone always knows someone who dies” but it makes sense to me…get over it).  I’m afraid to speak of such things, even in writing, like acknowledging an extremely dangerous and angry elephant with a chainsaw in the room.  I just have been reminded of my mortality but mostly (and much to my horror) that my loved ones are mortal.  I suppose what I mean to say is you know you are a grown up when you realize that you and the people you know can and will die.

With that said, back to the purpose of this blog…ART.

I’ve started a sketch for a bookcover re-design.  I’m a big fan of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series…which happens to be about vampires and such in Louisiana.  Be quiet, they’re really good.  ANYWAY.  I’ve only started the final sketch and it’s too big to scan (12 3/8″ x 28 1/2″)  and it’s for the book “Club Dead”, something I’ve been itching to do for months.

I’m also working on a digital piece so I can have something to show on the interweb.  Just a personal nonsense deal in a very rough sketch phase.

Booze seems to be the answer

So, it’s been summer for how many weeks now?  I have yet to secure a job, despite turning in something close to 15 resumes, it seems a have a load of skills that are almost entirely useless in an employer’s eyes.  Bust your butt working for your school for 2 years and what d’ya get?  Nothing that helps you get a part time job.  Larga.  As a result of this, I’ve been going to bartending school, hopefully now I’ll be able to get a job and make money and pay rent.  Joy.

Must admit, I’ve been slacking on the art end of things, uploaded a few old things into Artwork.  Whoot.

Highly Caffinated

Busy week, been searching for a job and packing.  I finally move into my new house tomorrow, thank Jeebus. I’ll be overjoyed to have a place to call my own (with my 2 roomies of course).  Growing up is a funny feeling, no?  I’ve neglected drawing for a few days, mostly because of exhaustion and mayhem.  I’ll be picking it up once all is settled.

Some major burdens are being lessened, I found out I’m getting more scholarships (OMG I bawled from joy on my kitchen floor…I’ve never cried from happiness EVER).  Yay for people believing in me!  Hopefully I’ll be employed soon and can register for my summer classes.  I’ll be glad to be working out again, too (I say “again” like it was some major part of my schedule at another time of my life…HA, not so much).

Art to expect in the coming weeks:

  • sketchbook nonsense
  • “Thank You” cards (omg am I really so behind? whoops)

Some ideas for projects are illustrating songs, book covers (in particular Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series.  No shame, I like those vampire novels and I really, REALLY like doing book covers) and possibly re-doing select projects from the school year.  Looking back on the semester, I don’t think there’s anything I’m truly happy with.  I guess it should be this way…larga.

Fun fact: I’ve developed an affinity for really old grave yards.

Cats, Bees and Gypsy Moths

I wound up going home Sunday night to see my old friends before they scatter to the far reaches of the universe for the rest of the summer, and somehow I got talked into staying until this afternoon. Damn family, pulling guilt trips on me. Largalarga. However, I had Milie come out for Labor day and we went for an amazing bike ride through several towns in my area, it was super cool because of the nice weather. Schweet.

My sister DIDN’T like the font choices on her wedding invitations (see in previous post or in my art page), so she has handed the reins over to her graphic designer friend. It stung because I thought the fonts worked very well with the illustration. Upon closer observation I decided the spacing on the smaller text still needed work, but as a whole I was QUITE proud. It was just one more little blow to my ego I wasn’t quite ready for yet. Oh well, it’s not like real world clients will be any better, this was cake in comparison. I just need to suck it up.

…and I still like the invitations. So there. Meh.

Does someone want to buy me a scanner? Plz? I’ve been drawing at least a little from life everyday and it would be fun to post such doodles, but seeing the way this summer is going to be…I will have NO money…ever…again. F*&$.

I’m a small spider…

Ah-ha! An art blog, I has it. I’ve only been on summer vacation for about a week, but I’ve been drawing everyday. I’ve made it a mission. Will post drawings once I hijack a scanner. ❤

ACTUALLY…here’s what I’ve been up to, designing my sister’s wedding invitation. Joy. my sister\'s wedding