I’m all about that bass

Good evening, dear reader.

The more-or-less completed sketch for Stormborn.  I have some other details to work out on the pencil sketch and perhaps a larger canvas to buy, or maybe board.  Who knows at this moment.  I have a goal of submitting to Spectrum this year so I’ll need to hurry up and paint this gal and get something else in the works. Also, do keep your fingers crossed as I’ll be chatting with someone this week about a potential  show.  Think good things or say a prayer to Cthulhu.


I’ve been trying to stay really motivated in growing my business, and sometimes it’s tough to stay positive especially when one’s efforts don’t yield immediate results.  I mean, how dare all persons I thrust a promo card at not immediately email me requesting a portrait of their dog or small child?  Or their dog that fills the role of small child? Or their child that is going through a barking stage? Or werewolf baby?  Are werewolves still a thing?

The point is, it is unreasonable to expect any such response so I’ll keep at it.  Like a dog with a bone.

Until later,



I buy my own diamonds

EDIT:  I wanted to post progress on this sketch.


Bonjour, good friends.

I’ve been so fortunate over the past few months because I consistently had at least one project in the hopper and it felt so good just to paint while having smallish gorilla on my back to keep me motivated. A really nice gorilla, who would say encouraging things and feed me candy and watch endless episodes of Law&Order over my shoulder.  Wait, what?

Anyway, I don’t have anyone banging down my door for a painting at the moment (ha…ha…) so I’m trying to keep busy on personal projects, and my darling boyfriend has taken over the gorilla’s job of motivating me.  He, too, feeds me candy.  Actually, writing this I think he was the gorilla all along.


Sormborn-bw copy

Now that I’m done writing stream of consciousness, this is just a little preview of the value sketch for a personal piece/fanart (oh, gawd, did I just say fanart?).  The title is “Stormborn” and happens to be of one of my favorite Game a’ Thrones characters, Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons. Or Dany. Whatever.

This is still very much a work in progress, but I like putting pictures up, being the visual person that I am. The final will be in oils I think. Yes, yes I think oils.

So while I plug away on this painting, I’m also pounding the pavement distributing promo postcards for my dog portraits.  Didn’t you know about those?  GO HERE!  Not having a project makes me itchy and a little bit scared, so I’m going to get back to work.  My ambition is feeling viscous.

Until next time, dear reader.



Do you Kudzu?

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting, it’s good to be back.  I recently wrapped up a commission of a kudzu plant, which my research tells me actually landed in the U.S. at the time of the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.  Being a Philly girl, I found this to be quite neat.


I was really inspired by vintage botanical illustrations for this project, especially the very old ones that seemed to be pulled from illuminated manuscripts. Usually my pieces are very tight and finished, which there are some elements of here, but in the surface prep I left a lot of texture, including brush bristles, in the gesso.  This painting was a bit of a challenge, I didn’t realize how out of practice I am!  Also, it’s been forever since I’ve painted flowers and I didn’t want this to simply be a still life, it needed to have as much energy as a portrait of a person.  There’s always room for improvement, but I’m glad that the good folks who commissioned the piece as well as the recipient are pleased with the result.


Oh, yes, I even framed and wrapped it, because why not?  Also, here is a sketch I’ll be continuing to work on, my goal is to submit it to Spectrum this year.  And then just a warm up doodle next to it.

10372189_753184291047_471292795954297202_n doodle copy

Alright, til next time!



What’s this here?

Alright, I swear that I’ll really start keeping on top of posting regularly. Really. Honestly. Swear.

So far this year I’ve really gotten into sketching digitally since I was gifted a wonderful Wacom tablet by my roommate.  I love how forgiving it is to sketch in Photoshop and it’s helped me get a little more familiar with the program. I plan on trying to discipline myself and do a full illustration digitally, as I begrudgingly join the modern world.

These past few months have been a little slow for me creatively, and I haven’t created many serious pieces.  However, I just completed my internship with the fine gentlemen of the wonderful DrinkPhilly, with whom I’ve done 2 gallery shows.  I created this for them, an infographic of sorts depicting some of Philadelphia’s proud drinking history.  Curious? Just take a look!!!!! Really like it? Buy the poster!!!

Here’s some eye candy for you:

Some shows should be happening soon, one being another exhibition at DrinkPhilly in July.  This next month will be a busy one, much to do with my personal life and doing those annoying things like moving -.-

I’ll be hoping for the best and churning out art in the process.

Until next time!


Bitter Sweets

Ah, three months from my last post.  So much has happened but not all that much to report.  Now, where were we? Oh, yes.

I left off with the grand opening of the Drink Philly Gallery in early August (the painting above is from that show and titled “Boy in the City”).

A few weeks later, August 24th, I showed with the wonderful Megan Coonley, a fabulous painter who also was a part of the Drink Philly opening.  She had a show titled “Melt” which was all about food.  You’d have to be crazy to think I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to paint food.  Plenty of eating happened to spur on my inspiration.  Research.  You know…

After that the wheels started turning on my second show at Drink Philly.  The show was “Bitter Sweets” and featured my dear friends Jeremy Goodfellow, Millie Landis and Linnea Vegh. Oh, yes, me too.  It was a great success, great turnout, wonderful people and loads of fun.  I’d like to thank the gentlemen of Drink Philly once again for being so great and supportive and wish them fantastic success in their future shows.

And pictorial documentation of exactly how great the show was.

Us artists and friends, My work, Millie’s work, Linnea’s work, and a mask I made “The Great Grey Owl”

Keep an eye on my website (aprilkuhn.com) for more work that will be posted. My center pieces were portraits of Florence +the Machine, Ingrid Michaelson and, brace yourselves, Lady Gaga.  They are great.  See what I mean!

I can’t seem to come down from the show, so I’ve still been creating artwork like mad.  I also have a particular liking of making masks. I had one in the show as seen above, and here is the new guy I’m working on. He’s based on crocodiles, because I love reptiles and love making animal-spirit masks even more.  I just baked him in the oven tonight, on to sanding and painting.

Well, I suppose that’s all for now.  Big wheels keep on turnin’.

Stuff is in the works.  Art is being created.  Be prepared.

Until next time, dear reader.

Drink Philly Gallery Opening

Well, hi!

Life’s been busy for the past few weeks.  Some interesting events in my personal life mixed with trying to get ready for my first gallery showing made for some sleepless nights.  Ah, felt like college again.

About the gallery showing.

Some months back I worked in a chocolate shop with a super-awesome fella named Justin.  We both have moved on to different places of employment, but one day I stopped by his new job to pick up a cupcake, didn’t find him there, text him to express my sadness and wound up getting drinks with him and his super-cool friend and business partner, Adam.  These amazing gentlemen had just opened up their office for their company Drink Philly (check out their site! It’s fun, cool, and full of useful information including bar specials throughout the city!!) and wanted to also use the space as a gallery for First Friday.  And from there the first show was born!

A few weeks and a lot of cups of coffee later, I had three new pieces to show.  Sweet.  And can you guess who I showed with?  Millie!! Because I can’t help but rope her into every endeavor I embark on.  No matter how stressful or crazy it may be.

There were three other great artists there and everything was a smashing success with a great turnout.  See for yourself!

And my favorite one.

Millie is on the right, I’m on the left. ❤

I just want to thank all of the fine gentlemen of Drink Philly for being so awesome and making my first showing special.  It has been great working with you and I can’t wait to do so again!

Congratulations on your success, you’ve earned it!

At this moment I don’t have any good photos showcasing the work.  That will have to come later.

See what I’ve also been working on!!  It’s a mask I originally wanted to display in the show but wound up starting over on the painting part.  Meh. It will eventually be some kind of spirit.  It’ll be awesome.

Thanks for reading.  Until next time, dear friends!

A day best spent indoors


It’s a perfectly warm and rainy day which means it’s just the right time to make a blog post before I run out the door!  I just thought I’d post a little self-portrait I started on Thursday.  Self-portraits are what I do when I want to paint but don’t quite know what to do, they’re also fun and easy and it’s always good to brush up on anatomy.  It’s not quite finished yet, the hair has to be resolved a bit more and I need to tweak some other anatomy issues. But it’s so nice to get back to my fine arts roots. Oil paint on gessoed illustration board over a few hours in 100 degree weather.

And for for the sake of updating, here’s some progress on Bird Boy. His shoes make me happy. Also, that he looks less like an underdeveloped fetus is a plus.  Whoo-hoo!

Stay tuned, viewers.

Greetings, blog readers!

I’m still working on the painting of “Bird Boy” (see previous post for value sketch).  Much to my relief painting is getting easier and faster as I work out a process, and the painting is looking pretty good so far.   However I will refrain from posting the progress because it is in a terribly awkward place where the figure has no eyes or hair yet and bears an uncomfortable resemblance to an underdeveloped fetus.  No, don’t worry, I’ll spare you.

While doing some housework today I happened across one of the sketches I did for a painting demonstration back in February.  I’m pretty happy with this one.  My model, once again, is my dear roommate Jeremy, he just has such good features – that and he is the only person I have access to at 10pm when I need to shoot reference.

I think that is about all for now.  Back to paint, paint, painting!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a new artist to check out, here is one of my favorites, Pete Ferguson.  He’s a fantastic painter and an inspiration to me.  Also, a cool guy. Enjoy, my friends!

Lookie Here!


I’ve been a bit lax about my weekly posting.  Whoops.

Here’s the latest piece I’ve been working on, it’s for my own story about a boy who turns into a bird so he can be with the moon (he happens to be in love with the moon. sweet, I know).  Being a particularly creative individual I address him simply as “Bird Boy” so far.  I’ve been sitting on this sketch for months and I’m very excited to be starting the final after so long.  Funny story, the line drawing doesn’t look anything like my roommate, who posed as my model, but the b&w study does.  Hilarious.  OK, maybe not.

I’ve got big dreams for a show in about a year.  Millie will hopefully be in it with me, she’s started turning out some cool new stuff, too!  Stay tuned, viewers!

All images (c) April Kuhn 2010.  Obviously.